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10041 SF

1 Light

18”W x 16”H

10041 WB

1 Light

18”W x 16”H

10042 SF

2 Lights

14”W x 26”H x 8”D

10043 SF

2 Lights

34”W x 24”H x 4”D

10044 SF

12 Lights

29”W x 16”H

10045 SF

11 Lights

28”W x 22”H


10043 WB

2 Lights

34”W x 246”H x 4”D

The Celeste Series could truly be considered artwork first, lighting second. The solid brass, textured banding is bent and shaped to form fluid, swirling lines that embrace the hand-made Italian glass disks also having a texture which gives the feeling of ice that has partially thawed and re-froze to create an undulating surface that makes the light dance as it passes through.

The metalwork can be finished in Silver Frost (SF) as shown, or Winter Bronze (WB).

Six feet of suspension cable and is provided to accommodate most ceiling heights. Custom requests can be accommodated.

Made in Europe.